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For most people, the most vital asset is your home or business. It's where you create your foundation, build your memories, and invest most of your time and money. A fire not only causes physical damage, but also can leave you with emotional losses that remain even after your property is repaired. That is why it is so important that you find a company focused on you. Your Fentress Builders team of experts will work with you and your insurance company to ensure that your recovery is efficient and comprehensive.

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Fire damage can be especially devastating. Fires are complex and unique and can leave a home or business completely destroyed. In most instances they leave only a small area charred, however they can cause significant soot, water and other damage. Even the smallest fires can create damage deep inside your home. It is important to have a professional who understands all aspects of smoke, fire and water restoration.
Your Fentress Builder Professional will carefully inspect your property to assess the full extent of the damage
  • What was the composition of the materials that burned the fire?
  • What type of damage was caused by the fire?
  • How much time has elapsed since the fire?
  • What areas need to be protected to allow for proper restoration and reduce the amount of damage that is spread throughout the property?
  • What element of fire suppression was used?
  • Will your belongings need to be relocated while your home or business is being restored?
  • What is the proper method for cleaning the affected areas?
  • What materials, including structural materials need to be replaced or restored?
Your Fentress Builders team uses this assessment to ensure that every possible detail is considered. We utilize state of the art restoration solutions and the most advanced training to create a renovation plan that focuses on removing smoke stains, structural debris, odors and other damage on a variety of surfaces. We consult with you to ensure that our solutions and progress fit the needs of you, your family and your insurance provider. Our specialized restoration solutions, caring team, thorough assessment and nearly 45 years of service will ensure that your property is given the care and attention to remain one of your most valuable assets far into the future.

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